A drive in Land rover Series.

Due to the initiative of a member of “Le temps des Series”, many Old Land Rover enthusiasts got together for a week-end in the Valois region, Oise, France.

109 SW diesel, serie3 1976

109 SW diesel, Serie 3 1976

Our host, nicknamed “Cataphile”, is a passionate of caves and quarries. Our bivouac was installed near an old quarry, which was used until the beginning of the 20th century, which “Cata” and his friends are now restoring. They have all ready repaired the winch and armature, used to drag out boulders of stone to the open air. They hope the site will become a place to visit.


We can see him here, welcoming the participants of this great weekend!


Saturday, 13 “old ladies” and many enthusiasts were set to go on the trip. They came from Normandy, l’Aisne, Northern France, Oise, Paris region and Champagne. They gathered together to enjoy a meal and of course talk about Series…



Michel who is the proud owner of the “Dormobile” (article to read here) came with his grand children, who he had previously promised an enjoyable time, driving and camping.

Land Rover Dormobile serie II de 1969

Land rover “Dormobile” Serie II of 1969.

The following of the Series by the young, shows it is not only being carried on by the old folks.



Despite the rarity of some cars, like series I, not only they are collectable items, they are being used too.

serie I, 88 diesel bâchée

Series I, 88 inch diesel soft top.

After a good lunch and time for digesting, it was the occasion to take a family picture!!
The road book, complied by “Cata”, was closely followed by all landies.



The weather was splendid, autumn giving a multicolour back ground, great for picture taking.



We came across walkers, “civilian” cars, and one could see how much our old 4*4’s could bring interest and curiosity. Waving, nodding heads, smiles were what we received from the local users of this area. It makes me realise, if we do respect the other users of tracks and roads, the feedback would be far greater than what it is now…Even horses were curious; they came up to check out what these strange machines were along their fields.

The drive went through muddy tracks, not too deep, a nice downhill, all on picturesque lanes. This was not question of a rally, or distorting the axles but more an enjoyable time making the most of the good weather and spending the passion of Land rover with other people.



We stopped to take time to check out an old cave, used by French Soldiers in the First World War (les Poilus), where they left behind some engravingsto be found at the entrance.




109 Diesel SIII ex-armée 24v bâché Année 1980 Provenance : armée hollandaise (véhicule radio)






109 série III tolé bleu de 1977




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