HDJ 80 + HJ45 = a unique HDJ 45

HDJ 80 + HJ45 = a unique HDJ 45

Dream team car has an enviable reputation for its preparation of 4×4 with view to adventurous travels.

Sébastien Pellé’s team has talent that has no bound, including its fun transformation on this Toyota HJ45, now turned into an HDJ 45, which you will not find in any car manufacturers’ catalogue.

dream team car

Through its style and size, this Toyota first depicted on the frontage of dream team car is very impressive. This 4X4 keeps the look of a series 4 Toyota, but in fact combines a mixture of styles and models from the Japanese brand, turning it into a hybrid version!

Judge for yourself: a series 4 cabin built on a chassis taken from the 80. Add to this a shortened tipper from the 79 model.

Its engineering is from an HDJ model revisited and modified for the purpose. All work carried out with skill and flair with an impeccable finish which makes one believe this Toy is a new model from the Bull’s brand.

However, to get this result was no mean achievement. It involved enormous amount of grafting in the workshop.

Starting point: Chassis taken from an 80. Entirely reshaped, sanded and modified, especially the areas that will bear the cabin and the tipper. The chassis was also treated with a special paint (epoxy) to protect it.



Mechanics from the 80 model

Once the chassis was ready, it could be suspended before receiving its mechanics. The recommended suspensions are the kit king spring, that allow for a heightening of 7cms. A set of Koni Raid shock absorbers was also put in place. The combination of the two allows for the fitting of wide dimension tyres, such as the Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ 35 12,5×15, which will give extra height to the future Toy.

hdj 80 engine 6 cylinders in line 4,2 L


wide dimension tyres Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ 35 12,5x15


The mechanics, engine, gearbox and axles have all been taken from the HDJ 80. The 6 cylinders in line 4,2 L is new, the cam shaft has been prepared and balanced and we added to it a turbo from the HDJ 100 to increase its power. The gearbox is new and the transfer box has been revisited and rebuilt. The axles are revamped. They have not been fitted with differential lockings. Only the central locking was kept into place. As for the tanks, we swapped the original for another with a 90L capacity, conceptualised to fit onto an 80 chassis. To increase the autonomy a second tank with a 160L capacity was also fitted. This would allow for substantial savings coming back from a trip to Morocco. However, the trip will be tougher in the peak of summer as the air con system that was on the 80 model has not been refitted. The only “cooling system” in the main cabin comes from two vents, but that is not so efficient.


The dashboard stayed conform to its original


wide dimension tyres Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ 35 12,5x15

king spring + Koni Raid shock absorbers


Cabin from a series 4

The cabin fitted comes from a series 4 model. But, in order to be fitted onto the chassis it had to be modified, particularly at the transmission tunnel level. Indeed, this is due to the fact that the location of both levers differ from one car model to another. Nonetheless, that was not the most difficult task to accomplish. Freshly repainted and sparkling, we could move on to the fitting out of the interior. New fitted mat for the floor, new seats also. The dashboard stayed conform to its original (new mileage meter) with however an extra touch with the electric command switch on the central differential. The Hard Top is made from fibre as well as the back widener, the ones at the front are made from metal. The radiator grill comes from catalogue N4 just as are the various protections and screenings that will be fitted subsequently, and the bumpers will be the finishing touches. The bumper is fitted with a winch, a DV 9000 Come Up with a pulling power of 4.1T. Finally, the wings are fitted with wideners for a fun look. The tipper is the one from the 79 model. However, it had to be shortened by 20cms. One cannot notice just by looking at it, as it seems that it was made to order!

4wd winch : DV 9000 Come Up




We took it for a trial run in the Martigues area (South of France). Undoubtedly we received lots of curious glances and the “Toy” was well noticed and admired like some rare beast would be!


The weight to power ratio was in its favour as the Toy proved powerful. However, is has the narrowness of the cabin (3 seated and we keep warm) and the rustic comfort of the series 4. But in our opinion, its performance has nothing to do with the 80 model, which is a much heavier vehicle with a lot less response. On the other hand, the Toy half 80 half 45 proves to be swift. In going over obstacles, the major crossing of the axles gives out great motive power, pending on the chosen tyre equipment.

Striking and original, this Toyota hybrid devised by Sébastien Pellé’s team had truly impressed us, but not just us. We would all love the same one!!







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